Dear Bruno:

Thank you for your comments.

Yes I know there are more key words to include, and some to remove as well, 
etc. etc..  Any comments are welcome.  I hope to have the next reasonable 
draft improvement available by Monday.  It will be a slow process.  To 
avoid clutter in the archive, for now I will post all draft iterations to:

I am thinking of adding a section in which model threads would be 
contrasted to other FAQ's such as the Everett one where such distinctions 
have not been covered in other sections of the one I am putting together.

Again any comments and help are welcome and most likely necessary.


At 3/1/01, you wrote:

>Hello Hal Ruhl
>About your list of questions you are missing some important
>keywords, it seems to me.
>You miss Russell Standish's "occam", George Levy's "plenitude",
>Jacques Mallah's "implementation", Higgo's "buddha", my own
>"phi/psy reversal", etc.
>The introductory dialog by Wei Dai and Hal Finney makes the
>problem clear (a dissatisfaction with Schmidhuber quick
>dissolution of "philosophical" problems in his TOE),
>Ontological consistency in Tegmark sort of TOE, etc.
>Just some remarks.

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