Dear Bruno:

Yes I do know the Everett FAQ.

In the scheme I am considering for my efforts for this list we could try to 
maintain and map the dialog by having alternate responses to the questions.

Each question would have an index such as "Q11" and the responses would 
have an index  such as R11a, R11b, etc.  Further all alternate responses 
with the same index suffix would be from the same model thread.  The 
various thread suffixes would not be meant to imply a relative ranking for 
the associated model.

Interestingly enough some of the questions I have listed so far have given 
me food for thought in my own model.

I am going to start by filling in responses to the questions based on my 
own model and to avoid any hint of rank I am going to initially assign them 
response index suffix "e".


At , you wrote:

>Very nice. I think it can be useful indeed.
>I guess you know the Everett FAQ at
>It is an exemple of an excellent FAQ (IMO). We can use it as a source
>of inspiration.

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