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Hal Ruhl wrote:

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>I am going to start this [FAQ] project:
>What I am going to do first is create a list of archive search keys.  Each 
>of these will be a word or phrase such as "consciousness" or "describe" or 
>"compute".  Given with each such search key will be a brief description of 
>the various lines of thought associated with the key.  After this I will 
>add a list of additional reading with each key if available.
>While I will start this on my own I hereby solicit keys, brief 
>descriptions, and reading lists which I will collate and post.
>I will for the time being post this at:

Better: do a list of questions (of the faQ) before. Send it
to the everything-list. We will see if we agree on the questions,
and perhaps on the answers.

That could help us agreeing on our disagreement ...

It is of course quite to much early for a definitive
evrything-FAQ, if ever that could appear.

Remember that what is nice in this list, are our very
discrepancies and the fact we continue to argue.


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