>Well here is a first try with some proposed questions for the FAQ list:
>I have filled in some responses here and there to illustrate the ideas of 
>individualized and multiple responses.  This allows the dialog to be 
>sustained but hopefully eventually coalesce

Thank you Hal.

Now you give us a lot of questions!

I will begin to think about the first one:

     "What are the goals of the Everything TOE effort?"

Well perhaps the goal is just having some fun together :)

As you know this list is very rich, and the archive is
pretty big. There are different tendencies, and even
different methologies like: poetry, informal reasoning, more 
formal reasoning (or pointing to relevant papers, etc.).
So, IMO, an everything FAQ is a long term project.

BTW does someone know how to print automatically some
part of the archive (from one date to another, or just one 
thread ...). Is that possible ? 


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