Johnn Mikes wrote:

>Consciousness is a historical noumenon of no content, an imaginary 'thing'
>that does not exist.

Consciousness is what makes pain painfull.
It makes also conscience possible, and it makes the human right sensefull.

If you have had one moment of joy or pain, I take it that you belief
in consciousness, and that you are playing with words when you say it
does not exists. (Although I agree it exists only in some 
second order sense, and I agree it is terribly difficult, if not
impossible, to define).

Like Descartes I believe that consciousness is a sort of fixed
point of doubt (like consistency for sound machines is a fixed
point of the non-provability predicate).

But perhaps, John, you are not conscious, in which case I am loosing
my time telling you that.

Honestly I guess you are conscious, and I guess you want just 
provocate us.

Consciousness is as real as suffering. 
You don't believe in suffering ?


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