<<Charles Goodwin:
Even if you have just had, say, an atom bomb dropped on you, 
there's still SOME outcomes of the schrodinger wave equation
which just happen to lead to you suriviving the explosion. 
Although these are VERY unlikely - less likely than, say, 
my computer turning into a bowl of petunias - they do exist, 
and (given the MWI) they occur somewhere in the multiverse. 
For some reason I can't work out, all the copies who are killed 
by the bomb don't count. Only the very very very (etc) small proportion 
who miraculously survive do, and these are the only ones you personally 
Is that a reasonable description of FIN?>> 

I do not know, unfortunately. 
But, to me, the interesting point is this one.
About what are "these" (the only ones you personally experience) 
talking about, after the explosion? Because "these", due to linearity 
and superposition of states, after the explosion, and subsequent time 
evolution, do interfere.

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