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> So, I would say that you will always find yourself alive
> somewhere. But it
> is interesting to consider only our universe and ignore
> quantum effects.
> Even then you will always find yourself alive somewhere, but
> you won't find
> yourself becoming infinitely old (see above). Because this is
> a classical
> continuation of you, it is much more likely than any quantum
> continuation
> that allows you to survive an atomic bomb exploding above your head.

QTI can give you some idea of the "size" of the multiverse if you consider that there 
are "branches" in which every organism that
has ever existed (including bacteria, viruses etc) are immortal - as well as every 
non-living configuration of matter (e.g.
snowflakes, rocks, grains of sand...) - on every planet (and star, and empty space) in 
the universe ...

According to QTI *no* observer moments ever lead to death. Every observer moment of 
every organism that has ever lived has
"timelike-infinite" continuity. This leads to very very very big numbers, even if we 
allowed the output from the SWE to be
quantised - which it isn't.


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