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> > > 2) The "Nothing" contains at least some information: Whenever it is manifest any 
>question asking if it is manifest must
receive the response "yes".
> >I don't understand this bit at all, sorry!
> The idea here is that while manifest the "Nothing" must consider itself to
> be "true".  This is information in the form of the ability to resolve a
> meaningful question.

I think I get it. If nothing exists, that is a state which contains some information 
(i.e. "nothing exists"). To reduce the total
information content of the system to zero, the state of nothing existing must be 
balanced by states in which something exist. Is
that right (roughly) ?


> >This sounds very interesting. I wish I could understand it better! If you
> >have time could you post something which is more understandable to the layman?
> I will try as soon as I see what all the initial comments are.

OK, I look forward to reading more...


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