Joel Dobrzelewski wrote:
> And please explain for me how this calculation involved 
> the continuum or infinite binary expansion of the symbol 
> "pi" in any meaningful way.
> All you have really said was:
> 2 * broccoli = 2 broccoli

No - I said the circumference of a circle of diameter 1 is pi. Not the
same thing at all. :)

> I am unimpressed. 
> It seems to me there is a great deal more information in 
> PI than just the 2 bytes it takes to convey it in an email
> message.

Not much more. One could express pi by a short program - eg the Wallis
formula, that would be a few tens of bytes on most Turing
machines. Even expressing it as a pattern on your beloved CA, it would
probably not consume more that a few hundred bytes.

> Maybe Mathematica was a poor choice for your 
> counterexample, since it too runs on discrete hardware 
> and software that could easily be run on a CA.

I chose my example wisely....

> So far you have not convinced me that a CA could not 
> perform these same calculations.

That was not my point...

> Do you have some other example?
> Joel

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