> I object to what I see as an attempt to constrain all viewpoints to
> a particular way of seeing.
> I think your idea is fine. A tool for seeing things from a given
> vantage point. I'm sure there are other vantage points worth
> visiting, and tools needed to see from those perspectives as well. I
> don't think anyone would arge against descretization as a tool for
> seeing. I think people would complain loudly if one insisted his way
> of seeing was the only way.

Wow.  Yes.  You are absolutely right Robert!  Thanks for pointing this out.
Understanding the world, whatever it turns out to be, will require lots of
different points of view, and different sets of tools.  I'm sorry I've been
so inflexible.

As I've hinted before, I honestly think this world is a kind of puzzle/game
that we've created for ourselves to figure out.  This has the effect of
making me somewhat fearless - trying to knock down well-established
castles - but also sometimes reckless and insensitive to those with
alternative views.

My passion for the game, I think, makes me a better player... but a terrible

In any case, I'll try to be more respectful of the other participants.


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