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Hal, one nitpick about your comments:
In the case of Quantum Immortality, I don't think it's a matter of taste, or
interpretation. It is a theory that every one of us can and ultimately will
test. Granted, we will only be aware of a positive result, but,


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> You can "assume" anything you like!
> Seriously, we have had extensive and occasionally acrimonious debates
> on this topic in the past, without much success or resolution.  I think
> that we have no good foundation for establishing the truth or falsehood
> of any theory of identity in absolute terms.  Instead, these issues
> must be considered matters of taste.
> You can indeed choose to believe that as long as any version of yourself
> continues in any universe, then you will consider yourself to still
> be alive.  You could also choose the contrary, that if the total measure
> (ie. probability) of your survival is extremely small, that you are dead.
> Hal Finney

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