Dear Saibal and Russell,

    Does not this entire notion of "quantum immortality" assume some kind of
mind/body dualism in that the mind, consciousness, is independent of the
particular physical circumstances? There must be some way for the Moments,
specifiec in #1, to be "strung together" in a first person way. This is,
IMHO, strongly implied in Marchal's ideas using the UD. Even Barbour's "time
capsules" imply this.
    I must confess to a bias toward dualistic models, particularly Vaughan
Pratt's Chu space transform based idea, but this is something that is
implied but does not seem to ever be discussed. Why?


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> I have always found the RSSA rather strange. From the discussion between
> Mallah and Maloney:
> > > one must first define "you".  There are three reasonable
> > > possibilities in the ASSA:
> > > 1.  One particular observer-moment.  You have no past and no future.
> > > 2.  A set of observer moments linked by computation.  With this
> > >     definition the problem is that "you" may be two (or more) people
> > >     at the same time!  The advantage with this definition is that one
> > >     can predict effective probabilities of what "you" will see at
> > >     times similar to what you want to do with the RSSA.  Thing is, if
> > >     there is nonconservation of measure, the predictions start to
> > >     from the RSSA about things like how old you should expect to be.
> > >     Remember, testable prediction do NOT depend on definitions, so it
> > >     often better to use def. #1 to prevent such confusion.
> > > 3.  A particular implementation of an extended computation. Similar to
> > >     2; allows death, when that implementation ends.  I prefer this or
> #1.
> #1 seems the most reasonable option to me. You do away with the reference
> class problem. Also it is fully consistent with ''normal'' physics.
> Saibal
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> > I disagree. You can only get an effect like this if the RSSA is
> > invalid. You've been on this list long enough to remember the big
> > debates about RSSA vs ASSA. I believe the ASSA is actually contrary to
> > experience - but never mind - in order to get the effect you want you
> > would need an SSA that is neither RSSA nor ASSA, but something *much*
> > weirder.
> >
> > Cheers

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