I mean the absolutely exact same David Kwinter or Eric Cavalcanti as was the moment before.

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On Wednesday, November 5, 2003, at 01:33 PM, Eric Cavalcanti wrote:

What do you mean by *entirely equal*?

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On Tuesday, November 4, 2003, at 10:47 AM, Eric Cavalcanti wrote:

Let me stress this point: *I am, for all practical purposes, one and only one specific configuration of atoms in a specific universe. I could never say that ' I ' is ALL the copies, since I NEVER experience what the other copies experience. The other copies are just similar configurations of atoms in other universes, which shared the same history, prior to a given point in time.*

I would consider these other copies entirely equal to myself IF AND
ONLY IF they are succeeding RSSA observer-moments.

Glossary references : )

RSSA - The Relative Self-Sampling Assumption, which says that you should
consider your next observer-moment to be randomly sampled from among all
observer-moments which come immediately after your current
and belong to the same observer.

In a materialistic framework, ' I ' am a bunch of atoms. These atoms happen to constitute a system that has self-referential qualities that we call consciousness. If it happened that these atoms temporarily (like in a coma or anesthesy) or permanently (death) lose this quality, so will ' I '.

I respectfully disagree - parallel universes are equally REAL- you will still be you! Quantum branches stem from the same exact atoms in the versions of us that die in tons of possible accidents everyday.

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