I don't beleive QTI implies this at all. It does imply that your
experienced reality will get rather weird, as strange coincidences
will start happening to keep you alive. It also implies that friends
will be temporary, as you will see them all die off eventually - but
many people change lifestyle, locations etc, and make new friends, so
there is no reason to expect be lonely unless you choose it.


On Thu, Apr 14, 2005 at 12:57:30AM +0100, Nick Prince wrote:
> My apologies to the group for bringing up questions which may have 
> been covererd before but I cannot find an answer to the following 
> query and I am new to the group.
> I  have a question to put to anyone who has some ideas as follows:
> If the MW immortality is correct then would we not only be immortal but 
> also very alone in the end.  We know that we observe others die so 
> since we always find ourselves in a branch of the multiverse where we 
> live on - the conclusion seems inescapable
> Can anyone figure a way out of such inevitable eternal loneliness 
> because I rather like to chat to my freinds!!
> Nick Prince

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