I think you meant "algorithmically *in*compressible".

The relevance was, I was thinking that those universes where we become
immortal under MWI are not the conventional rule-based universes such as we
appear to live in, but a different class of stochastic random ones (which
require very unlikely strings of random coincidences to instantiate). The
majority of such universes, being essentially random, are probably not very
pleasant places to live.

Jonathan Colvin 

>Jonathan Colvin writes:
>> Pondering on this, it raises an interesting question. Can we 
>> differentiate between worlds that are (or appear to be) rule-based, 
>> and those that are purely random?
>The usual approach is that a system which is algorithmically 
>compressible is defined as random.  A rule-based universe has 
>a short program that determines its evolution, or creates its 
>state.  A random universe has no program much smaller than 
>itself which can encode its information.
>Hal Finney

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