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I should add that I don't believe in QTI, I don't believe that we are
guaranteed to experience such outcomes. I prefer the observer-moment
concept in which we are more likely to experience observer-moments where
we are young and living within a normal lifespan than ones where we are
at a very advanced age due to miraculous luck.

Aren't the above two sentences contradictory? If it is guaranteed that somewhere in the multiverse there will be a million year old Hal observer-moment, doesn't that mean that you are guaranteed to experience life as a million year old?

With some ASSA perhaps, but with the RSSA it makes sense only if those "old Hal OM." have the right relative proportion to the young one.
SSA self-sampling assumption (by Nick Bolstrom)
ASSA idem but conceived as absolute
RSSA idem but conceived as relative
OM = Observer Moment



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