Generally, unasked-for attempts at armchair psychology to explain the motivations of another poster on an internet forum, like the comment that someone "just wants to hear themself talk", are justly considered flames and tend to have the effect of derailing productive discussion. I actually agree with your other comments about it being implausible that the mentally ill have some sort of superior insight into reality, but hey, this list is all about rambling speculations about half-formed ideas that probably won't pan out to anything, you could just as easily level the same accusation against anyone here.


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Dear Stathis:

Your interpretation of my "anger" says more about you than me. I didn't flame you or call you or mentally ill people names. My only point is that if you want to seriously investigate complex concepts scientifically, then it helps to have the most accurate methods available. Even considering that a person with an illness that prevents them from having temporal awareness (or knowing the difference between one moment to the next) could have some significance on understanding the nature of time is folly for the simple reason it is time that being effected in their case, its their brain's ability to percieve it. Their condition is having know objective effect on time at all. It would be diiferent if you put such a person in a room with a bunch of measuring devices and then detected that temporal anomalies were recorded of some kind, but that doesn't happen. Their perceptions are completely subjective, ie inconsequential, unless you're studying their condition. But, if the! purpose of your research is time, like mine is, data based on the perceptions of such an individual is useless, unless, like I suggested, you really just want to jabber about this and that idea, with no criteria for trying to seriously understand the subject at hand.

If these comments upset so much that you think I'm angry, that's on you. I'm simply pointing out what should have been painfully obvious at the onset - you don't make measurement with broken instruments.

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> Dear aet.radal.ssg,
> You make a few interesting points which under normal circumstances
> I would be happy to continue discussing with you, but the primary
> motivation for your posts seems to be anger that I have raised the
> topic of mental illness. I am sorry if I have upset you, and I hope
> that if you do have the opportunity to work with the mentally ill
> in future you will treat them with compassion.
> --Stathis Papaioannou
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