On Fri, May 20, 2005 at 05:39:42AM -0700, James N Rose wrote:
> > 
> > Agreed that colour is not a characteristic of an object in itself. How
> > does this impact on the debate, however?
> Russell,
> Realize first that you just easily and aggreably opted to completely negate
> Platonic 'real v. ideal' as a flawed logic.  Identification of 'essential
> qualia' is no longer an a priori valid 'given'.  By next logical extension
> of this de-validation, which qualia - assigned to an entity by way of
> external evaluation of the entity - represent qualia which the entity
> functions on immediately and intimately because the entity internally
> has an information link to it?
> The school prank of putting a secretly taped sign on a friends back
> saying 'kick me'  ..  the conscious performance of the student -excludes-
> a qualia which the environmental world identifies -with- the 
> student-with-sign.
> "A description of a system, and a system in and of itself, can never and
> will never map perfectly one to one and on to."
> Conclusions:
>    1. Initial condition alternatives result in alternate eventstream outcomes.
>    2. Alternate information sets preclude precision cloning, 
>                                            performances, decision gates.
>    3. Conscious is not perfectly transferrable.
> Jamie

Sorry, but you've completely lost me here. I'm still looking for
relevance... What does your first sentence mean, for example. What is
Platonic ideal vs real? Is it Plato's cave metaphor? In which case, I
don't remember Plato's cave being brought up in discussion on this
list. It doesn't seem terribly relevant to me, or even to notions of
arithmetic platonism for example.


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