From: "Norman Samish" 
> This reminds me of my problems trying to understand 
> "the collapsing quantum wave function."  

Einstein was very interested in collapsing wave functions
(see Solvay Congr. 1927) and developed many experiments
about it (well before the EPR paper). One of these
experiments was Einstein's 'gun powder' experiment
(which then became the poor Schroedinger's cat).
Another one was Einstein's boxes (then it bacame
de Broglie's boxes). 

In the briefcase of Straycat 
you can find the 'Travis Norsen's boxes paper' folder,
which has two very interesting papers (pdf) about 'collapse',
and 'alternative' collapse (factorizable superpositions), 
one written by Travis, one by Shimony.

Interesting also the other side, when 'collapse' is 
forbidden. A good paper might be this one by Michael 


"Can a dog collapse a state vector?"
-Christopher Alan Fuchs

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