At 12:43 PM 6/11/2005, Hal Finney wrote:
Here's a little tongue-in-cheek rant...

Yet how many philosophers are willing to seriously consider abandoning
this arbitrary conditioning in deciding what is right and wrong?  How many
of us here are willing to take the logical path to its ultimate conclusion
when considering how observer-moments fit together?  It goes against the
deepest instincts which have been burned into us since the origin of life.

I would not be quick disparage evolutionarily based reasoning.  We are
creatures of evolution, and it is almost impossible to escape the bounds
that it has put around our ways of thought.

Hal Finney

If you consider the matrix of all observer-moments (possibly under the eye of something like Hilgard's Hidden Observer), then it would be impossible to cut the links any more than trying to wear a shirt with all the threads cut. The shirt would disintegrate off your back (like my Izod's did recently.) Or possibly, it could be like a Photoshop image with a 100 subtle layers---remove the layers and the entire image changes slightly---but after awhile you're down to one monochromatic layer.

Rich Miller

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