Eugen Leitl wrote:
>> (JC) Now, the funny thing is, if you replace "torture" by 
>"getting shot in 
>> the head", then I will pick (2). That's interesting, isn't it?
>Why is that interesting? It's indistinguishable from a 
>teleportation scenario.

Before thinking about it, I would have assumed that I would make the same
choices under the circumstances of torture or getting shot. I was surprised
that this is not the case; I choose 50/50 under torture, and the copies
under getting shot.

Stathis and Bruno choose the copies under both scenarious (I assume). So it
is interesting (to me, anyway), that I make different choices depending on
what the undesirable event is. Perhaps I'm simply being inconsistent. But I
think my reasoning is that so long as I have at least one copy that
survives, I don't care about getting shot. But however many copies I have, I
still don't want to get tortured.

Jonathan Colvin

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