Tom  Caylor writes:

The flip side of the coin is that apparently the probability of having a next OM is 100% ("everything exists"). In this theory, no matter what God does with 10^100 copies, there are 10^100^n other identical next OMs out there to replace them. It seems like what I've seen so far on this list is an exercise in forgetting that "everything exists" for a moment to do a thought experiment to conclude more about "everything exists".

That is the basic idea behind these thought experiments with copies: as a more easily understood analogy for what happens in the multiverse/plenitude.

The relative measure of OM's does make a difference, because it determines which of the candidate successor OM's you are most likely to experience. In general, it is *far* more likely that a coherent series of OM's will occur as a result of brain activity than exotic, random events out there somewhere. Even if you die, it is far more likely that your next OM will come from scanning your frozen brain in the future, or reconstructing your mind by brute force simulation of every possible human mind in some massive future quantum computer, or some other deliberate effort on the part of our descendants, rather than some completely random process.

--Stathis Papaioannou

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