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> [GK] 
> I would like to leave copies out of the YD because I think those > would actually invalidate the premise. If you ran into  > a copy of yourself in the street you may suspect that something is > amiss in your world! 

OK if it is a temporary interdiction. The YD will entail that we are duplicable in a weak sense (which does not contravene the no-cloning theorem (but here I anticipate the reasoning)). 
You pretend YD is false, show the proof. 
By now you should have understood that I will not be taunted, so no use in trying. I do not pretend anything. What I have told you and maintain is that I can sketch an argument that shows that your YD is incompatible with QM being the correct physics of the world and I will do so as soon as you admit that this will invalidate ALL your thesis (not just the part of it you feel like conceding). This was my proposal all along and I have not changed it. So there is no point in
challenging me in these terms. I made clear already.

> [GK] 
> What I propose to do is to show you that your premise, YD, is false.
That allows me to dismiss anything you say based 
> on that premise. 
Of course. But of course, everything I say from CT and AR alone will survive. I hope you see this clearly. 
If you claim that you derive the whole of physics (including QM) from CT and AR alone there is no point in my showing you that physics invalidates YD! Is there? You would know that already, or you could derive it independently! Whether I am right or wrong would be completely indiferent to you. Why would you even consider my argument?
> That is actually not general at all but extremely specific. From here > on I will make no comment on  > any sentence you preface with "But from COMP (or YD) I can prove > that..." . Nothing personal, please understand. 
Sure. Except that in a second round (the "interview" of the lobian machine) I translate "comp" in arithmetic, and I extract *a* physics from that COMP. To understand that translation YD is very useful, but no more. Then if the physics that is extracted from the arithmetical COMP corresponds to the empirical physics, your proof of the falsity of the YD would show that a falsity has helped in discovering the origin of the physical laws. Funny but not entirely impossible. Except that, without wanting to discourage you in advance, it is very hard for me to believe you have find a proof or an argument showing comp is wrong. But that makes me just more curious. 

OK. Let me ask you this than and maybe help you avoid any more painful contortions: can you even imagine a situation in which you could be proven wrong? (Please remember how many times you have underscored that COMP is verifiable!)
I take it like that. 
You are telling me you are platonist the week and not platonist the week-end? 
Or "ditto" means you agree with *me*, I guess. 
I agree with you but I am a platonist 24/7 (=full-time)!

> [GK] 
> In that case enjoy the prize! If you derived the laws of physics from > CT and AR alone you surely deserve the recognition you  > will enjoy because that is a remarkable accomplishment! > Congratulations! 
But there is a derivation of a physics from CT and AR. Just to understand *that* intuitively you need YD. I have done two things the universal dovetailer argument (UDA) which shows that YD + CT + AR entails that physics emerges necessary from a web of machine dreams (say, dream being entirely defined in term of computer science or number theory).  But then in the second part, called sometime the arithmetical universal dovetailer argument (AUDA), or more simply the "interview of the lobian machine", I translate (UDA) in arithmetic (because comp makes it possible and necessary). YD disappears or is translated in arithmetic (by Godel-like devices). The derivation of physics is purely mathematical of course, I am not a magician extracting the galaxies from someone saying "yes" to a doctor. 
It looks like it disappoints you, but there is two parts in my work: 
UDA: an argument that YD + CT + AR implies physics is necessarily a branch of computer science.  AUDA: a translation of the argument in arithmetic, with the (modest) result that the logic of the observable proposition is given by the composition of three mathematical transformations operating on a "well-known" modal logic (G). And it already looks enough like some quantum logics to encourage further research. Alas the math are not easy and not well known. 
This hardly sounds like a derivation to me. But if your first statement above (UDA) is correct I deduce that if one of its premises is false that physics may not necessarily be a branch of computer science. How else can I read it?

Say "Yes", doctor!

> I feel like saying: my work here is done! 

But it is done. Yes of course.And if YD is false (which I doubt), UDA will be dead, ok, but it will make the AUDA much more enigmatic! 
I am afraid "enigmatic" is not good enough for me! How about: "heuristically unlikely", "possibly wrong", "in need of further   scrutiny" ? If physics is not a necessary consequence of computer science how would

> Without even trying I have let you relinquish one of your hypothesis! 
It looks your goal is shooting me completely: the UDA and AUDA! 
I have absolutely no worry about YD, but it is a logical fact you ask me to make clear: even if that were true (that YD is false), that would kill one halve only, the one some people ask me sometimes to drop out, but I prefer to keep it for preventing positivistic interpretation of machine's discourses. 
> [GK] 
> Well, YD is so secondary to your purposes, why do you care? 
Because many people take YD for granted, already. Because it makes the comp-physics obligatory making the whole of comp testable. YD is secondary for the extraction of physics, but it is necessary for having an understanding why it is a derivation of physics. I am anormaly patient, you could understand this by reading the UDA, and the beginning of the AUDA. 
Bruno, I would say you are also anormaly resistant to any consideration of the possibility that you may be wrong! And than you go and call me arrogant! I, on the other hand, am very willing to admit my argument may be wrong. Why can't you?

> I am almost sure you would approve my version but I am not 
> putting it down until you give me a good reason to do it!!! 
Because that would kill the first half of my PhD thesis and makes the second part enigmatic.  But many in this list find YD plausible and if you can show it false, please do it. 
> I am sorry, Bruno, but I see no glory in disappointing a few computer > scientists(and their grand-mothers) 
> since, you and I agree that their physics stinks! You are the one > that claims to derive the true physics 
Assuming comp in UDA, and assuming COMP (as I wrote it sometimes) for the translation of comp in the language of a lobian machine (arithmetic, if you want). The result of the transformation is just a purely mathematical formula (sorry!). 
> so you are the one I would like to shoot down! If you really only need > CT and AR I really have no other choice but to worship at your altar > (;-) since I really don't want to have to go through your proof and I > am no match for CT or AR. It is a pity because it is a cute little > argument I have up my sleeve .... 
My senses detect some arrogance here. Do you mean you would not give the argument once you realize that strictly speaking it could only wound my work without killing it completely? You could have first take a look at the table of content.  Either you give the argument in the next post, or I will give you the everything-list-prize of arrogance Godfray. 
Again, I can't help notice that I am the one who has been found guilty of name calling! I have so particular stake in dismissing your work but I sense, instead, a certain lack of consistency between the admirable principles of scientific skepticism that you claim to profess and your reticence in admiting that they may apply to your work. That is not very becoming in a logician (;-)
and that is what I am aiming at!

Also, I have not given up on you yet!

Best regards,

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