Well, Godfrey, I just want to voice my reaction that I am disap"point"ed that in the end you really have no new point.
It seems that you are more like the Mad Hatter or Cheshire Cat.


So, this means you could just be *in advance* of my thesis! That would still be very interesting of course, so, please make your point. Ah yes you want to make it only if it demolishes the whole of a thesis that you admitted not having read (I don't understand at all why you don't want to give a (perhaps interesting) argument unless it refutes a thesis that you admitted not having read).

Bruno, you are just too kind! I would describe it the other way round: I am "way behind your thesis" since you already argued my point out affirmatively! I guess that is the problem with us "White Rabbits" always arriving late...

Please make your point, we can still discussed its impact after, isn't it?



 Well, I am kind of discouraged now. It would no longer be my point since you already proved it and made it yours. 
Let me think about it. 
Best regards, 

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