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 Just to show you I am not mean spirited may I make the following suggestive question: "Could your argument be
 made on the basis of something not as drastic as YD, say a Turing Test type argument, which would not require
 you to take someone apart but just produce a convincing simulation?". Just a thought...

Perhaps I should give you my original motivation. My deeper goal has always been to just explain that the "mind-body" problem has not been solved. In term of the mind body problem, what I have done can be seen as "just" a reduction of a problem into another. With the comp hyp,  I have reduced the mind-body problem to the problem of explaining the appearance of the physical laws from arithmetic/computer science. For this YD is needed, if only to make palpable the relation with cognitive science.
Then I interview the machine and YD is eliminated, although we should need to dig a little more in the technics for adding some nuances.


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