On 03 Sep 2005, at 20:54, Hal Finney wrote:

Okay, I was mostly trying to clarify the terminology.  The problem is

that sometimes you use "comp" as if it is the same as computationalism,

and sometimes it seems to include these additional concepts of the Church

Thesis and Arithmetical Realism.  Maybe you should come up with a new

word for the combination of comp (aka "Yes Doctor") + CT + AR.  Then you

could make it clear when you are just talking about computationalism,

and when you are including the additional concepts.

So, just to be clear, I *always* assume Church Thesis and Arithmetical Realism.
CT is an important part of comp, because it gives the needed level of generality for
the notion of Universal Machine and the whole of *comp*-uter science.
Arithmetical realism is also assumed by all computer scientist.
Actually I am even quasi-sure that CT does not make sense without AR, which means that it is not entirely unplausible AR can be suppressed.
I tend to believe also that AR does not make sense without CT, but that is more controversial and out of topic, really.


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