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One of the goals of my search for a model was to explain why there is an observed dynamic. The Somethings that are launched from my Nothing/All pair include evolving Somethings [due to their incompleteness]. This evolution causes states of universes resident in the All to be given a period of a degree of reality in random sequences - universe evolution.

All kinds of universe evolution take place. For example our universe running backwards.


Such a universe is not observable by internal SAS, it is more like reverse observable. [Perhaps call our type forward observable] This type of universe may be irrational from a forward observers point of view but this does not effect the existence of the backwards running universe. Both may be forward observable by the Something which as I discussed with Russell might be considered a conscious observer by force of its containing conscious observers [forward ones?]. Is our occasional feeling that we are experiencing something for the second time leakage from the reverse observers? Interesting.

Hal Ruhl

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There was more to my post, which I've included below, which was meant to answer questions from multiple contributors here.

Thanks, Hal Ruhl, for responding. Somethings coming from All AND Nothing seems just as mysterious as coming from one of them. And if the somethings which are generated are all possible somethings, then we are back at the same problem as something in particular coming from All.

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