Jesse wrote:
Tom Caylor wrote: 
The reason why you don't buy lottery tickets could just as easily be 
explained in a single universe.  
I short-changed my argument. I should've said, "The reason why you
don't buy lottery tickets can only be explained in a single
Tom Caylor  
If you don't accept a measure on the entire multiverse, then you're
not going to have any solution to what on this list is usually called
"white rabbit problem", explaining why you don't expect to see weird
events like talking white rabbits or Harry Potter style magic or 300
successive lottery wins. After all, there should be possible worlds
within the multiverse where everything up to today is just the same
as in a "normal" universe where the laws of nature stay stable, but
after that point the probabilities of strange white-rabbit-style events
radically increase. Since your experience up to the present is
compatible with either type of universe, unless you are willing to
say that white rabbit universes have a lower absolute measure than
stable-laws-of-nature universes, you have no justification for
that you are unlikely to experience such events in your future. 

The white rabbit problem is a problem only for multiverse believers.


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