> Georges Quénot wrote:
>>> Georges Quénot wrote:
>>>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>>>>> Since I don't adopt the premise that everything is
>>>>> mathematical,
>>>> I would like to clarify just that point. I understood that
>>>> you do not adopt it (and whatever your reasons I have to
>>>> respect the fact). By the way I am not sure I really :-)
>>>> adopt it either.
>>>> But can you make a difference between adopting it and
>>>> being able to consider that it might make sense (whether
>>>> it is true or not) and conduct (or follow) reflections
>>>> in a context in which it would be conjectured as true?
>>> I don't think Mathematical Monism makes sense
>> OK. Just consider that it does make sense to some people.
>>> (to be precise it
>>> is either incoherent, in asserting that only some mathematical
>>> objects exist, or inconsistent with observation in asserting that
>>> they all do)..
>> I do not see how it can be inconsistent with observation.
> If every mathematical structure exists , then mathematical
> structures consisting of a counterpart of me plus a "Harry
> Potter" universe exist. Yet this is not observed. Of course
> that might be coincidence.

I see at least three possibilities:

1. It is not so sure that there actually exist sets of
    equations of which a "Harry Potter universe" includes
    a counterpart of you.

2. There may well exist a "Harry Potter universe" that
    includes a counterpart of you but it is not causaly
    related to our universe (too far for instance) and
    this is why we cannot observe it.

3. You actually are in a "Harry Potter universe" but it
    just happened that you are not a sorcerer and you must
    know that in "Harry Potter universes", non sorcerers
    are prevented fromm observing magical events.


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