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> Providing arithemtical truth can account for consciousness and and
> time,
> and overlooking HP problems.

My whole work, and the whole list, look at it, except that I have 
called it "the white rabbit" problem, and what attracted me in this 
list is that most people here are quite aware of that "lamb eating 
wolf" problem. We call it the measure problem. It takes different 
shapes according to the hypo we based our reasoning on. With comp (my 
favorite working hypo), taking into account the difference between 1 
and 3 persons points of views, material realities can be shown to 
emerge (not in time but in a arithmetico-logical way) from relations 
between arithmetical consistency and arithmetical truth. See my SANE 
paper for more on this. You can ask questions, but I begin to get the 
feeling you have some certainty in the matter (sorry for that pun), and 
I don't think any form of certainty can help us on those super-delicate 
and hard fundamental questions.



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