Do you have a reference for Moravec's examination of this idea?

Stathis Papaioannou

> > Now, if any
> > computation is implemented by any physical process, then if one physical
> > process exists, then all possible computations are implemented. I'll stop
> > at this point, although it is tempting to speculate that if all it takes
> > for every computation to be implemented is a single physical process -
> > a rock, a single subatomic particle, the idle passage of time in an
> > otherwise empty universe - perhaps this is not far from saying that the
> > physical process is superfluous, and all computations are implemented
> > by virtue of their existence as platonic objects.
> Yes, I think this is close to Moravec's view.  He believes in the platonic
> existence of all conscious experiences, and sees the role of physical
> implementation as just to allow us to interact with those other entities
> who are instantiated in our universe.
> Hal Finney

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