Le 01-juil.-06, à 19:54, Brent Meeker a écrit :

> Sure it is.  Just because something cannot be directly experienced 
> doesn't rule it out of a
> scienctific model: quarks can't be observed, but their effects can.

OK, but we were discussing about theories. general relativity, as a 
theory does not assume the existence of readers of "relativity 
journal". The quantum theory *with collapse* is already less clear on 
that ...

> So I believe in other people's
> first person experience because that is a good way to predict their 
> behavoir.

Except the same theory would predict the behavior of zombie. We are 
arguing on a fundamental level. All what I argue for is that once you 
*assume* comp, then there is no aristotelian primary matter, and 
eventually physics is branch of number's bio/psych/theo/logy.

>  I consult a model in
> which I use my first person experience to perdict how they will behave 
> - this is called emphathizing
> - and I find it works pretty well.

You are lucky but then I don't know any other ways. But again, in those 
threads we are not just interested in prediction (even if they are the 
ultimate test) but in understanding.


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