Le 21-juil.-06, à 17:52, Brent Meeker a écrit :

> If there is anything left over.  I don't think it is sufficiently 
> appreciated that this
> "unknowability" is an assumption.

No bigger than the "assumption" that "other" minds exists (a key 
assumption in comp if only through the trust to the doctor).

And then it is a theorem that for any correct machine there are true 
propositions about them that the machine cannot prove.

Modeling (at first) knowledge by [true justified opinion] (Theaetetus) 
and modeling (at first) the [justified opinion] by the machine 
provability ability (in the sense of Godel), gives a theory justifying 
that for each correct machine there exist true unknowable propositions.
More can be said: if you have two machines M1 and M2 having similar 
complexity there will be  truth about M1 which are unknowable by M2 and 
vice versa.



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