Le 24-juil.-06, à 13:56, Russell Standish a écrit :

> Consciousness is the state of "being like something" to use Nagel's
> term. It is also the characteristic of the "reference class" in
> Anthropic reasoning.
> Self-awareness is being aware of oneself as a distinct thing different
> from the environment.
> It is not immediately obvious that these are identical - but perhaps
> I'm overlooking something.

I am pretty sure consciousness and self-awareness are different concept.
But we are a long way to distinguishing them theoretically at the 
present stage, so I would say that to insist on the difference here is 
akin to a 1004 fallacy, imo.
The difference you are mentioning is the difference between awareness 
and self-awareness, or between consciousness and self-consciousness I 
would say,



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