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Le 28-juil.-06, à 02:52, John M a écrit :

> Then again is the 'as - if' really a computation as in our today's
> vocabulary? Or, if you insist (and Bruno as well, that it IS) is it
> conceivable as our digital process, that embryonic first approach, or
> we
> may hope to understand later on a higher level (I have no better word
> for
> it): the analog computation of qualia and meaning?  Certainly not the
> Turing
> or Church ways and not on Intel etc. processors.

What makes you so sure? Sometimes you talk like if you were sure we are
not digital machine.
Is that not a human prejudice?
At least I can explain why If we are machine, we cannot *know* it (just
bet on it). There is mathematical description of machine's prejudices.

"...We May Hope..." does not seem to me as beiing "so sure".

Look please at the "-IF-" in your offered explanation. How about "if not?" 
the mathematical description is part of the "human prejudice" you mention.
You are within a mindset and not responsive to outside ideas.
Which is natural. Once I allow to my (outside) ideas to be dragged INTO your 
circle of your mindset I am lost. Which may  not be so bad, but if I am 
mistaken, I want to get it verified from arguments applicable within  my 
Just as you cannot argue with a religious belief taken as very 'sufficient 
evidence' by the adherents. They KNOW and my agnostic doubt looks to 'them' 
as a typical
"Nescio" non est  Argumentum,". (Nor are "if"-s - I think).



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