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Hi, Bruno,

Sorry for my nae question.
Common people would think that UDA is just imagination since you use the
example and teleportation of human beings is still a science fiction.
Nobody can show that the substitution level really exists and teleportation
of human beings is really workable.
I really wonder if it's OK to use teleportation as thought experiment.

All we need to *reason* for getting consequence of comp is that such substitution is *in principle* possible. Theoreticians does that, in many fields.
I insist that the UDA (Universal Dovetailer Argument) is based on the notion of generalized brain: you could say that your brain in the entire galaxy. By comp this entails the entire galaxy is turing emulable, then, this is enough to say the platonic UD will go through your "generalized" brain soon or later (in term of number of steps), and that is enough to understand that comp makes obligatory that the laws of physics emerge from the relation existing among numbers (that + other steps of the reasoning of course).
The impracticality of substitution is just not relevant to throw out the theoretical consequences.
Then comp can be tested experimentally due to others consequences (like the observable interference among many computations, etc.). OK?


PS (I am alas again busy. Please be patient for the replies).


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