CW writes:

> Hi, Bruno,
> Sorry for my na鴳e question.
> Common people would think that UDA is just imagination since you use the 
> teleportation
> example and teleportation of human beings is still a science fiction.
> Nobody can show that the substitution level really exists and teleportation 
> of human beings is really workable.
> I really wonder if it's OK to use teleportation as thought experiment.

Do you believe that IF you vanished at point A and a copy of you created 
at point B who was physically and mentally similar to the original to the same 
extent as if you had walked from A to B you would have survived? If you 
answer "no" then you are opening yourself up to the possibility that would 
not survive the walk either. If you argue that the copy might be physiacally 
the same but mentally different then you are saying there is some 
non-physical basis to identity which survives walking but not teleportation, 
which I suppose is possible, but there is no reason to believe that such a 
strange thing would or could have evolved. 

Stathis Papaioannou
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