> Most of the time I'm observing something else.  When I try to observe
> consciouness, I
> find I am instead thinking of this or that particular thing, and not
> consciousness
> itself.  Consciousness can only be consciousness *of* something.
> Got that?
> Brent Meeker

Absolutely. Intrinsic intentionality is what phenomenal fields do.


That's not what my post was about. I'm talking about the evidence provided
by the very existence of phenomenal fields _at all_. Blindsighted people
have cognition WITHOUT the phenomenal scene. The cognition and the
phenomenal aspects are 2 separate sets of physics intermixed. You can have
one without the other.

Consider your current perception of the neutrinos and cosmic rays showering
you. That's what a blindsighted scientist would have in relation to visible
light.... = No phenomenal field. They can guess where things are and
sometimes get it right because of pre-occipital hardwiring.

The phenomenal scene itself, regardless of its contents (aboutness,
intentionality whatever)  is evidence of the universe's capacity for
generation of phenomenal fields!..... phenomenal fields that...say... have
missiles in them?...that allow you to see email forums on your PC?.....that
create problematic evidentiary regimes tending to make those using
phenomenal fields for evidence incapable of seeing it, like the hand in
front of your face? :-)

If we open up a cranium, if the universe was literally made of the
appearances provided by phenomenal fields...we would see them! We do not.
This is conclusive empirical proof the universe is not made of the contents
of the appearance-generating system (and, for that matter, anything derived
by using it). It is made of something that can generate appearances in the
right circumstances (and not in the vision system of the blindsighted).
Those circumstances exist in brain material (and not in your left kneecap!).

Consciousness is not invisible. It is the single, only visible thing there

To say consciousness is invisible whilst using it is to accept X as true
from someone screaming "X is true!!!!!", yet at the same time denying that
anyone said anything! That this is done....when the truth of the existence
of an utterance is more certain than that which was uttered. How weird is

I'd like everyone on this list to consider the next time anyone says
consciousness is invisible to realise that that is completely utterly wrong
and that as a result of thinking like that, valuable evidence as to the
nature of the universe is being discarded for no reason other than habit and
culture and discipline blindness.

Colin Hales

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