Le 27-août-06, à 19:41, 1Z a écrit :

> But you don't really address the existence question. You just loosely
> assume it is the
> same thing as truth.

I just assume that the "existence of a number" is equivalent with the 
intended truth of an existential
proposition written in a theory about numbers.

I identify propositions like "there exist a perfect number" with "it is 
true that there exist a perfect number".

I am dialoguing with PA (Peano Arithmetic theorem prover). When PA 
tells me "there exist perfect numbers", I take it as an existential 
proposition. It is a way, for PA, to make an ontological commitment, 
which I do too.

Of course, I don't interpret this as "there exist a physical world, and 
numbers exist there physically".
I don't assume there is a physical world, and I doubt very much there 
is a physical primary world. Indeed the UDA shows such an assumption to 
be useless concerning the possible explanations of both quanta and 



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