Bruno Marchal wrote:
> Le 05-sept.-06, à 15:38, 1Z a écrit :
> >
> >> The conscious computations, on the other hand, are there and
> >> self-aware
> >
> > Not really. They are just possibilities.
> >
> >>  even though we cannot interact with them, just as all the statues in
> >> a block of marble would be conscious
> >> if statues were conscious and being embedded in marble did not render
> >> them unconscious.
> >
> > But that gets to the heart of the paradox. You are suggesting that
> > conscious
> > computations are still conscious even thought hey don't exst and
> > are mere possiiblities! That is surely a /reductio/ of one of your
> > premisses
> The everything-lister, with or without comp, takes as natural the idea
> that all possibilities exist, and that actuality is just a possibility
> viewed from that possibility.

Of course it is not natural, or we would not
have two separate words for "possible" and "actual".

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