Stathis Papaioannou wrote:
> Brent meeker writes:

> > I don't recall anything about all computations implementing consciousness?
> >
> > Brent Meeker
> OK, this is the basis of our disagreement. I understood computationalism as 
> the idea that it is the
> actual computation that gives rise to consciousness. For example, if you have 
> a conscious robot
> shovelling coal, you could take the computations going on in the robot's 
> processor and run it on
> another similar computer with sham inputs and the same conscious experience 
> would result. And
> if the program runs on one computer, it can run on another computer with the 
> appropriate emulation
> software (the most general case of which is the UTM), which should also 
> result in the same conscious
> experience. I suppose it is possible that *actually shovelling the coal* is 
> essential for the coal-shovelling
> experience, and an emulation of that activity just wouldn't do it. However, 
> how can the robot tell the
> difference between the coal and the simulated coal, and how can it know if it 
> is running on Windows XP
> or Mac OS emulating Windows XP?

That has nothing to do with all computations implementing consciousness

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