David Nyman wrote:

> I agree that qualia are ontological, rather than epistemological. I
> 'experience blue' in virtue of 'being blue' - i.e. myself-as-perceiver,
> in specific self-relation with myself-as-percept = being blue (or
> rather, blue in parts). This qualitative ontological base is the given
> that differentiates into every epistemological category by internal
> self-contrast - this is blue, that is red, sour, disgusting, verbal,
> mathematical, sexy, whatever. Hence this ontological base cannot itself
> be - for example - the physics, because the physics, like all
> relationally expressed and acquired information, is part of
> epistemology.
> If one's ontology is grounded in Arithmetical Realism (e.g. the UD
> arithemetically instantiating the infinities of programs generated by
> infinities of infinite bitstrings) it then follows that qualia must
> indeed be 'internal models of mathematics'. The Arithmetical plenitude
> of 'zero-information' self-isolates into islands of non-zero 1st-person
> information through anthropic and counter-factual self-selection. The
> Library of Babel generates readers to peruse itself. We must therefore
> accept that the sense in which we wish this ontological base to be
> considered real must be granted to be the same sense, mutatis mutandis
> - i.e. the self-isolation of self-aware 1st-persons from the plenitude
> - in which we ourselves wish to be considered real.
> David

Whoa dude.  That is some heavy-duty 'reality theory' speak ;)

One point.  I wouldn't say that 'the Arithmetical plentitude' has 'zero
information'.  There is Shannon information there - I'd say it's a sea
of Shannon information.  Of course strings of random gibbrish are
Shannon information.

We should perhaps distinguish between several different kinds of
information.  I agree that the 'plentitude' , to quote you, does
'self-isolate into islands of non-zero 1st person information'.  This
kind of information could be 'logical depth' type complexity (or
roughly 'knowledge').

So I think integrated patches of Knowledge-Information (logical-depth
complexity) are the 'islands' in the 'sea' of raw Information (Shannon
or statistical type complexity).  And I think there's a third kind of
information associated with Qualia which isn't understood yet.

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