George Levy:

The scientist could prove that he is not alone by invoking the principle of sufficient reason: nothing is arbitrary and exist with no reason. If something exists in a particular arbitrary way (himself) with no reason for him to be in that particular way, then all other alternatives of him must also exist (the Plenitude). Hence he is not alone. Solipsism is dead.


I agree! The point is they don’t! (prove they are not alone).


What they do is act ‘as-if’ they are not alone and deny ‘mind’ as evidence of anything by OMISSION. If mind admitted as evidence in its own right they would be doing science on something causal of mind, rather than on the appearances it delivers. They do not do this…so….


If you had read the whole thing you would find that despite your logic (with which I agree!), scientists are unwitting ‘as-if’ solipsists. So the reality is that it is not actually (methodologically) dead because scientific behaviour is ‘as-if’ it were a policy in science. That is the whole point!


Don’t tell me!. Tell scientists other than me! Ask them why they continue to be virtual solipsists. Or better: ask them If ‘that which is seen’ is scientific evidence, then what is ‘seeing’ evidence of? It’s not evidence for brain’s appearance, it’s evidence of something manipulated by brains to generate appearance. Why don’t we work on that? They do not…..neural correlates of consciousness is NOT doing that…ergo scientists are all methodological solipsists tacit in-denial because none of them realise it….because they are not doing something they don’t know they are not doing.


Please read the whole thing.


Colin Hales



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