Le 05-oct.-06, à 04:01, Brent Meeker a écrit :

> There is another possibility: that consciousness is relative to what 
> it is conscious
> *of* and any computation that implements consciousness must also 
> implement the whole
> world which the consciousness is conscious of.  In that case there may 
> be only one,
> unique physical universe that implements our consciousness.

This is just saying that you generalized brain is the whole physical 
universe. Then either the physical universe is turing emulable, and in 
that case the reasoning of Maudlin still work.
Or the physical universe is not turing emulable, but then comp is false 
(giving that here your brain is equal to the whole universe).
Note that in general, if your brain is not the entire universe, comp 
entails that the physical universe is not turing emulable.



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