Finally I read your filmed graph argument which I have stored in my 
computer. (The original at the Iridia web site    
is not accessible anymore. I am not sure why.)

In page TROIS -61 you describe an experience of consciousness which is 
comprised partially of a later physical process and partially of the 
recording of an earlier physical process.

It is possible to resolve the paradox simply by saying that 
consciousness involves two partial processes each occupying two 
different time intervals, the time intervals being connected by a 
recording, such that the earlier partial process is combined with the 
later partial process, the recording acting as a connection device.

I am not saying that consciousness supervene on the physical substrate. 
All I am saying is that the example does not prove that consciousness 
does not supervene the physical. The example is just an instance of 
consciousness operating across two different time intervals by mean of a 
physical substrate and a physical means (recording) of connecting these 
two time intervals.


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