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> Bruno:
> you wrote:
> "...I do believe that 5 is equal to 1+1+1+1+1, ..."
> Why not 1+1+1+1+1+1+1?

Because it is equal to six.

> you had a notion somewhere in your mathemaitcally
> instructed mind that you have to stop at exactly the 5th addition, 
> because
> there is a quantity (???) in the number '5' that made you stop there.

Exactly. It is part of the definition of 5.

> Now
> "quantity" is also expressed by numbers, lots of them in applying 
> 'rules',
> so don't we see here a circularity?

Yes. I am not explaining the mystery of numbers. I just say that if 
comp is true then mind and matter have to be explained from the mystery 
of numbers. Sometimes I explain that the natural numbers are a good 
starting point in the sense that we cannot recover them without 
assuming then. Somehow comp can justify why the natural numbers have to 
be mysterious.

> It looks as if the 'numbers' represent quantities?  how about algebra?

Well, the existence of a turing universal diophantine polynomial makes 
me realize that the fourth hypostases(*) is closer to a "theory of 
elementary particles" than I was hoping for. It has the form of a 
complex algebra. Apparently the first string theory (the bosonic one, 
which is not "super") is most probably a subtheory of the comp physics. 
This could help to extract the quantum physics more rapidly than by an 
exhaustive interview of the lobian machine. This gives only quanta, 
though, and the interview remains necessary for having the (non 
sharable) qualia as well.

> What "key" made you stop at the fifth '1'?
> (I wrote in a similar sense a post to Colin, an hour ago).
> You ended your reply with:
>>> "My" Platonism is the explicit or implicit standard platonism of most
> working mathematicians.<<
> Q: is there a way to reach an agreement between  the "working
> mathematicians" and the rest of the world (common sense people)?

I believe there is such a common agreement as far as they talk on 
numbers. Only sophisticated philosophers, or mathematicians during the 
week-end, like to doubt on that (but stop such doubt in front of they 
insurance taxes, etc.).
I would be already glad if working mathematicians (week) were able to 
agree with themselves during the wee-end ....


(*) Fourth hypostases = Plotinus "intelligible matter" = logic of 
certain observation in self-duplicating experiment = logic of Bp & Dp 
(which does split through the G* minus G difference). The two 4th 
hypostases have no Kripke multiverses, but more sophisticated 
topological one.


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