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> If your Platonism is about truth, bot existence, you cannot show
> that matter is redundant,

Ah!  I am glad you see my argument is a redundancy argument. If comp is  
true we cannot rely on the hypothesis of primary matter to explain even  
just the physical laws (not to talk on consciousness).

> because if your UD doesn't exist
> in Platonia,

... but the UD exists in Platonia. The ontological status of the UD is  
the same as the ontological status of the number 5. Peano Arithmetic  
can prove the existence of the UD.

>  it doesn't exist in the material world either, so it
> doesn't exist at all, and therefore cannot replace anything that does
> exist.

Actually an instantiation of the UD exists in the "material world" too  
(as far as the material world exists of course). The UD is just a  
prgram. You can see its code here:


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