Le 19-oct.-06, à 13:58, 1Z a écrit :

> David Nyman wrote:
>> 1Z wrote:
>>> This *is* ecumenicism. The buck stops here. What higher
>>> court of appeal is there , than consideration of the nature of
>> Touché!
>>> If Bruno isn't reifying numbers, he's in trouble.
>> And if the materialist isn't reifying the observables, he's right in
>> there with him.
> Obviously the materialist is reifying matter.
> But then we can *see* material things.

You are lucky. I see *appearance* of matter, but I don't see existing 
primary matter. The existence of this one has to be postulated. But I 
have already criticize your "non-definition" of primary matter. I find 
that concept far more nebulous than consciousness for example, which 
certainly exists as a receptacle of the appearance. I don't doubt about 
those appearance.

> Reification pers e is not the problem; the problem
> is reifying what is invisible/uninteractive.

I agree.



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