Le 18-oct.-06, à 16:41, David Nyman a écrit :

> Point taken. The EC 'axioms' may be better conceived as primitive
> computations (like the UD), not theorems. In terms of comp, is there
> any necessary distinction between a UD and a parallel distributed
> 'architecture'?

I am not sure what the EC axioms are. The UD is both massively parallel 
and massively sequential. Recall the UD generates all programs and 
executes them all together, but one step at a time. The "D" is for 
dovetailing which is a technic for emulating parallelism sequentially.

> It seems to me that this must depend on your treatment
> of time within comp, which I must confess I'm not clear on.

The time step of the UD are just the natural numbers. It can be handle 
already by a very weak theory like Robinson Arithmetic, and a richer 
theory like Peano Arithmetic can prove much more about it. But I would 
not called that a "time". It is just the non negative integers with 
their natural order.

The first person time appears through the notion of first person. In 
AUDA (Arithmetical UDA) it appears through the third and fifth 
hypostases. That is the one obeying the S4Grz1 modal logic and the X1 
logic (I guess I should come back on this).

Third person physical time: it is an open problem if that exists (with 
or without comp I would say).

>  It seems
> critical that the UD 'rotates' stepwise between programs like a
> multi-tasking OS so that all programs do in fact emerge regardless of
> their stopping characteristics. As the execution 'proceeds', the
> differential distribution of specific program segments determines how
> much 'time' in total each is in effect executed by the UD. But can't
> this distribution just as well be over a 'block' structure?

I am not sure I understand. It seems that the answer is: yes, by Church 



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