>>It makes sense (I have to translate YOUR vocabujlaryh
> into mine, of course).
> It ramifies into "SELF" and "Not-SELF" and into the
> "relational view" of the totality.
> Also: it leads into my old beef that "everything" is
> consckious at its own level.
> What to include into 'everything' is of course a
> matter of debate, it mayh err into physicalism or some
> materialistic view of the world.
> Thank, Colin, I have to digest it
> John

No problem... although the term

"everything" is conscious at its own level.

gets to look very pan-psychist, which makes me cringe, too. I prefer to
think of it as an innate perspective whose visibility can be manipulated.
Brains do it, kneecaps don't. It doesn't have the same 'magical' flavour
to it that panpsychism brings along, but it looks 'panpsychistic'

Have fun digesting!


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